Saturday, January 28, 2012

Only The Strongest Male Gets To Pass On His Genes - Part One

By Charles Carmichael

I was on vacation in the UK and I went to a bar with some friends. There I saw a group of men harassing a absolutely stunning women. She stood out from the crowd. She was tall and slim with blond hair and crystal clear blue eyes. She was wearing this short white dress that hung loosely over her body. Her long beautiful legs sent a tingle of electricity through me dick. It seemed like everybody was looking at her and at the scene that was unfolding. This big strong tattooed guy was flirting with her very directly and grabbing her and touching her. She was resisting. I could clearly see that there was a part of her that wanted to be taken by him, but she was resisting for a number of reasons.

First of all she was married and her poor husband was trying to come to her defense. He tried to intervene, but the big muscular tattooed guy pushed him away and starred him down. He looked helpless. He tried to intervene again, but there was nothing he could do. I moved closer and saw a defeated expression on his face. His stunning wife was resisting, saying no to the tattooed guy, pushing him away, but still she was not acting aggressively enough. If a man was trying to force himself on a woman and the woman absolutely did not want it her reaction would have been either more aggressive or sad and pleading, but her reaction was more of embarrassment.

I think the reason she was pushing him away was because she did not want her husband to feel bad and she did not want to look like a cheating wife to everyone in the bar. I thought a part of her secretly wanted the big strong tattooed guy to take her. Wanted him to take her hard from behind and pump her full of his seed like a primal animal mating to pass on his genes. Like all women she secretly desired to breed with the strongest alpha male. But she could not. The fact that this was happening in front of a crowd of people (social stigma) prevented her from giving in. Also I’m sure she cared about her husband and did not want to hurt him.

As time went on her protests started to become more aggressive. She did not want this to happen (at least not like this) and she kept pushing him away and telling him to stop. Her cries for him to stop became louder and she pushed him away with more force. Everyone was looking on and they knew they should do something, but no one dared to challenge the guy. Since no one was doing anything I decided to step in. I Walked up to him and told him to: “Let the F go of the woman!” He said: “or what?” I said: “I don’t want to fight, but I will if you don’t get fuck out of this bar.”

We were standing about 2 feet from each other and he stepped forward and tried to swing a punch at me. I stepped back and he lost his balance so I tried to swing a punch at him. I hit him in the face, but the guy was in no pain. He grabbed me by the throat and started choking me. I panicked for a second thinking I was going to die like this, but I regained my bearings quickly and poked him straight in the eye. He screamed and let me go. I punched him in the face. Again the guy felt almost no pain. He just turned around tried to punch me, I moved and he missed. I kicked him on the knee. He was in pain. I kicked him in the balls. I punched him 3 times in the face. He fell to the floor. I mounted him and kept hitting him repeatedly in the face asking him if he gave up. After about 10-15 seconds of constant forceful punching he screamed: “I give up”. People were still looking on unsure about what to do. There was complete silence except for the loud music in the background. Once I stood up and people realized that it was over they started cheering. The big tattooed guy was still on the floor.

People were offering to buy me drinks, but I said no thank you. I didn’t want to stick around and have the police question me. I grabbed hold of the woman’s arm and her husband’s arm and said “let’s go”. They were still partly stunned by what had happened, but after we walked out of the bar and into the cab they were repeatedly thanking me especially the husband. The wife was also very grateful, but she was quiet. She held my hand tightly throughout the entire cab ride. We went back to their hotel room.

We ordered room service and talked. They told me they were on holiday from another part of England, that they had been married for 8 months, that he was 27 and she was 24. Her name was Emily and his was Tom. We then talked about what had happened. Afterwards we were having desert. I began openly flirting with Emily. Telling her and even Tom directly that I thought she was really beautiful. I said I could not blame the tattooed guy for wanting to take her and that I was thinking about doing that myself. Tom was just quit while she said nothing but smiled. She was flattered, embarrassed but tuned on. I told her that I personally thought that she deep down wanted to be taken by the big muscular tattooed guy. She didn’t like that and came back with some defensive comments.

I was silent. Everything was silent. I looked at her and said: “I want you. I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed me back, soft at first and then hard. Tom was quiet. I kept kissing her for a few minutes. Tom just looked on he didn’t say anything. When I broke the kiss she was smiling. Her beaming beautiful smile light up the room. It was as if I had put a spell on her and she had forgotten that her husband Tom was only 3 feet away from us. I looked at Tom. He was looking at the floor. The guy was hurt. He was no cuckold who got off on his wife being with another man. I said in a calm, kind, but assertive voice; “Tom look at me. It’s okay. It’s okay. Your wife is very beautiful and she deserves all the best in the world. You’re a good husband Tom. It’s okay. Now turn off the light.”

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