Monday, January 30, 2012

Only the Strongest Male Gets to Pass on His Genes - Part Two

Emily... getting ready!
By Charles Carmichael

 ...continued from Part One!

He didn’t say anything he just stood up and walked over to the light switch as if he was in a daze. He turned off the light. At that exact moment I lifted his wife in my arms and carried her to the bed which was no more than 6 feet away. I laid her down and started kissing her. First softly and then after a couple of minutes more passionately, using my tongue to good effect. I undressed her, passionately ripping the clothes off her body. While continuing to kiss her. She was naked except her panties were still only. I began to kiss and lick her entire body. Her soft neck, her big beautifies breasts. I kissed her tummy. I turned her over kissed her from the nape of her neck down her entire back and then the top of her butt. I licked the back of her thighs and the spot just behind her knees. I turned her over. She still had her panties on.

I began kissing her inner thighs and then removed her panties. She was completely naked now. What a sight!

I began to lick her. She moaned. I continued licking her for quite a while and I made her orgasm. Then I heard Tom let out a sigh. He wasn’t crying but he was in pain.

I told him: “It’s okay Tom. Everything is perfectly okay. This is perfectly normal. Your wife is a goddess. She deserves the best in life. Now Tom!” I raised my voice and made it sterner. “This is going to hurt. Tom! Answer me.”

He replied: with a muffled pain filled: “Yes.”

I continued; “Tom this is going to hurt, but I’m going to lessen the pain okay?”

Poor, pathetic Tom
Again he answered in a stuttering voice: “Okay…”

"This is going to hurt because I’m going to have sex with your wife and pump her full of my genes…” He sighed a sigh filled with pain. “I want you to start stroking yourself slowly. Don’t come or you’ll feel much worse. Just take out your weapon and start stroking it. This will lessen the pain."

All the while Emily did not even move or utter a word. She was curled up to me like a sweet kitten. I put 2 fingers inside of her. She was warm and wet, oh so wet. Lovely and inviting.

I could see the shape of Tom in the darkness, sighing, but slowly stroking himself. I entered her and she yelped. I began to pump her slowly in missionary after a few minutes I increased my pace and then turned her to her side like we were spooning and continued pumping her. She was moaning constantly. She sounded so sweet, but now I wanted to take her from behind like a wild animal in heat. I got her on all fours and pumped her violently. Aggressively my love weapon went in and out of her. Removing any seed her husband might have planted in her. Pumping her with perfect rhythm. It was beautiful.

For 10 whole minuets I kept pumping her. I kept spanking her and she let out a yelp each time. When she did I could her muffled sighs of pain coming from Tom. This seemed to turn her on even more. Her moans got quicker and quicker. I had felt her tighten quite a number of times and had long since stopped counting how many times she had come.

I quicken my pace and after 15 min in doggie after 15 minutes of taking her in this primal natural animalistic way I announced that I was going to come. I gave it one more stroke, going as deep as I could and then I let go. I grunted three times. It felt so good. She screamed and her love spot tighten around my love weapon. The weapon I had used to pleasure her with, used to remove any rival seed left by her husband’s weapon. Her love spot tightened almost hugging my weapon. (I say weapon because remember the penis is shaped like a spear).  I put more seed in her than I ever have in my life.

We lay back on the bed entangled in each other. Kissing. Showing affection.

Tom grunted and came spraying his seed all over his stomach. He was lying on the floor and just after coming he began sobbing loudly. I told him to shut up. He quieted down although muffled sobbing could still be heard. Emily became a little uneasy, but I reassured her with my whispers and kisses. She smiled and returned my affection. We all fell asleep.


  1. I can't tell you how much I love that Tom breaks down and cries at the end of this while the love-making continues in front of him! I love the aspect of making a man cry from humiliation, super hot! You are a super alphamale, Charles!

    1. yeah, i like it too

    2. NICER STILL IF SHE FORCED CRYBABY BOY TO EAT her out afterwardsm clean up all that sperm.

  2. The girl at the top is amazing.

  3. Oh fuck the girls tits in this video are so nice.


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