Friday, November 8, 2013

High School Fight Club!

By Ragnar

A bit of trivia, long-time readers of the blog will remember the character 'Ms. Tavernier' from Ragnar's story, "The Schoolyard Fight."

Do you have any ideas for a good Ms. Tavernier story? Write one and send it to me! 

A school has become the center of much controversy recently, when it introduced a new sport onto its curriculum – fight club! 

So many fights were occurring between boys – not only in the playground but in the classrooms as well – that the teachers approached the headmaster with an amazing suggestion. They argued that if a fight club could be arranged in the gym every Friday evening and the boys made to fight then there would less disruption to lessons during the day.

The headmaster decided to give it a test run before agreeing. That was three months ago and since then they have never looked back! From the very first evening nearly every boy and girl – not to mention quite a few teachers! – arrived to watch the new ‘Junior Fight Club’.

Since then it has proved wildly popular. Now not only pupils attend but many parents come to watch as well. It has proved particularly popular with girls at the school. We asked some of them why they liked it so much. We spoke to one pretty girl called Samantha (who is studying biology and anatomy and wants to be a doctor when she grows up). 

"I can’t really explain it!" she told us. "I didn’t want to come at first because I thought it would be horrible, but then the other girls in my class asked me on a dare. That was a couple of months back. Now I come every time. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!"

"So I guess you could say that you like it?’’ we asked.

"Like it?!’’ she said, her blue eyes shining with excitement. "That’s an understatement! I love it! Me and the other girls have bets on who is going to win!"

And indeed, later in the evening, I saw this lovely girl in the front row with her friends, jumping up and down and cheering like a tigress. 

We managed to speak to the French teacher, Ms Tavernier, who was the teacher who had first suggested the creation of a school fight club. We asked her if she had any regrets about setting up.

"Mais non!’’ she replied in her cute French accent. "It's been extremely popular! In fact, we are being asked to put it on twice or three times a week now!"

"But isn’t it difficult to get boys to fight?" we asked. "After all, there aren’t many rules in fight club. And don’t the parents object?"

She threw back her pretty head and laughed at our question. "No!" she replied. "Real boys love to fight! In fact, we can’t stop them! That is why we set up the club. As for the parents, they support it one hundred percent!" 

"Even the mothers?"

"They support it one hundred and one percent!’’ she replied and clapped her hands with triumph.

At that moment a bell rang, announcing the start of the fights. We quickly sat down next to the charming Ms. Tavernier and watched the evening’s entertainment. 

We watched, fascinated as over a dozen boys climbed into the ring wearing not much more than swimming trunks. For a moment, there was complete silence in the gym. Then the bell rang again and all hell broke loose! What happened over then next few minutes was jaw dropping! As reporters, we’d seen some nasty gutter fighting in our time, but this was brutal! 

I will spare the readers a blow-by-blow account. Suffice it to say that after a few minutes, the boys who couldn’t take the punishment walked or crept – more often crawled! – over and beneath the ropes. Most of them of holding bruised jaws, squelchy noses and some cut lips. Other boys were doubled over holding – shall we say – the more sensitive parts of the male anatomy. Well, we had been warned there were few rules in fight club! 

These losers got a very hard time from the spectators – especially from the girls. They looked at them with total contempt. One loud-mouthed boy at the back summed up their attitude by shouting really loudly: "Bunch of wankers!’’

Everybody laughed. I guess nobody likes losers. 

When the fighters in the ring had been narrowed down to just two then the real contest began. The mass brawl had been just a warm up to weed out the wimps.

Who won?  I guess you will have to go and see for yourself. It’s well worth a visit. But be warned – if you do go you will probably find yourself going back again and again! Fight club is addictive! And if you take your kids there the boys are gonna want to fight as well! 

We saw the local police chief in the audience and during a break we took the opportunity to ask his opinion. 

"I think its great," he told us. "At least this way they don’t cause a ruckus in the school and don’t bother the female teachers. Also, it keeps ‘em off the streets. Any activity that does that is okay in my book!"

So there you have it, folks! Like it or loath it, it seems that a fight club is going to come to a school near you in the near future! As for my opinion?  I can’t wait to get back to next week’s fight so I can chat some more to Ms. Tavernier! She’s a French dish with class!  Oh oui!


  1. Ms Tavernier sounds like she'd be a pillar of the community. All of the girls in her classes could look up to her as a role model, and trust that she'd always look out for them.

    The boys... well, not so much. Ms Tavernier doesn't have much time for losers.

    Let's all just be grateful for her mercilessness. She gets all the boys hard and the girls moist. That's what a French teacher should do, after all. The boys in her class should just be thankful that she's not as stern and unforgiving as the German teacher, Frau Picard.

  2. I wish that I had had a school where fighting was mandatory. I believe that many young men
    would love fighting, if exposed to it in a good and progressive way.

  3. I would love to see them fight. Need weight classes. With in 20 lbs. All fights to a finsh. You fight until one is not moving. No tap outs. No 10 second knockouts. I mean bloody broken bones. Intensive care. Or worse. Simple you fight until one is dead or crippled for life. The winners mom decides. Most of the time it would be death. Girls would fight to. Everyone would fight. Or be killed


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